Thoughts About Video Games

people these days think about games, and especially video games and think that they ruin your brain and make you act and think weird towards other things. And yeah.. That’s half right, they are not completely bad in my opinion. Video games not only give fun and enjoyment to people, but people can also learn from games by solving problems and using some of the brains in your head and solve problems. These things can also help people to lose their stress and have some fun.

The Story

In games you can find lots and lots of fun inside them. Even though that they can be hard games that build up stress inside you can blow you up but mostly, if you take it easy, you can enjoy it. Stories in games can help you understand the feel of the game but also you can help you dive into the universe, it helps a lot.


Challenges in gaming can occur very fast. Mostly it comes in hard levels or bosses or even had to watch moments. People that like challenges can usually enjoy this can eventually beat the game but people who are lacking the things they have, then they might quit or be stressed. But once you beat a game that you worked hard on, then it is a pleasure of a feeling.

Mega Man

This game can be a good example of hard games. This franchise is one of my first games to ever play. This game looks like a simple platformer but it is actually hard and challenging. This might not be the game to relieve your stress, but you can still have a blast. At first you start with only 1 weapon and have to go through stages with many threats like mini bosses. But after each boss, you get new weapons and through persistent attitude, you can finish it and feel relieved. (Except Mega Man 7).


I’m not talking about the controllers that you need the thing to play, but I think that the controls are one of the most important things in gaming because with the controls baffled, then the mechanics will be messed up and when you actually play the game, you will understand that it is actually important.


I think gaming is overall a good thing because it makes people to have entertainment so that they can forget about life sometimes. I also think that a little bit of enjoyment would be fine because people can get stress throughout their life as well.